This Play mode is a 1:1 setting between the player (You) and a stylized player type. Its usefulness is how the player learns to defeat its opponent through playing against his/her opponent's strong and weakpoints. The player also gains chips to deposit into their bankroll, experience points (xp), and their opponents clothes. Here is a list of the Pros, starting from the lowest to the highest level.
  1. Sonny Skye
  2. Rachael Raise
  3. Larry Louche
  4. Mel Matthews
  5. Rai Singh
  6. Lily Sun
  7. Johnny Spade
  8. Marshall Starr
  9. Daisy Duece

After you've unlocked and played all nine opponents you will then play the "All-Pro Tournament." This play mode will test your skill against all the Pros. It's worth it, the payout is 25,000 XP.